Jan Pycke Maastricht 1948.
Formal education: Municipal Academy. Maastricht, The Netherlands. Exhibitions : Amsterdam: Galerie RA.
Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum.
Frankfurt: Triennale.
Pforzheim: Schmuckmuseum.
Work from the period 1979 - through 1982, part of the ICN-collection; State Art Collection of The Netherlands.
Born next to a smithy, I was confronted with metalworking at a very early age. My curiosity was aroused by the mysterious blue flash of the electrical welding tool, so I went inside into the dark cave, where far down in the back an enormous fire was burning.The smell of burnt iron still generates memories from the early fifties of the previous century.
Areas of interest: industrial archaeology, history of the steel industry in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the social history of this period, physics.

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