Philosophy The designer’s philosophy is meant to be normative for both production and sales. It derives its right to exist from the aim for order and continuity. It is based on the idea that designing revolutionary jewellery or design products is relatively simple, since it always concerns the going of untrodden paths which means that the designer almost breaks away from judgment, he very often gets the benefit of the doubt. Products made never before do not need to meet requirements. It is different in the case of jewellery that has to be wearable and marketable, and where production and price play their important part. All this has to be thought over very carefully. Innovations are nearly always demonstrated – at least in this trade – by new materials and techniques, not by new concepts and ideas. So, well-meant simplicity means reserve and caution....…

Reserve and caution mean amongst other things paying more attention to the development of the existing instead of continuous striving for newness. Modern car engines are still modified steam engines, their past is – of necessity – a protracted improvement. The continuously shortening life cycle of new products is cause for inflation of the mind. The candle burns at both sides, all the more reason for the designer to keep his distance.

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