The oldest machine in the workshop: a 19th century screw press, capacity 50 metric tons.
Pycke Workshop; from its beginning (1968) the workshop, a craftsman goldsmith atelier, followed the path of compositely built jewellery. Fascination with construction has come to stay. Over the years, the classic goldsmith workshop changed into a small efficient machine shop, which not only manufactures modern jewellery, but also the tools, dies and moulds needed for production. This way of working basically facilitates mass production, but this is definitely being refrained from. Limited series are targeted by which some exclusiveness is guaranteed. In this way the small team of co-workers enjoy an agreeable pastime.

Atelier Pycke
Waterstraat 54
3770 Riemst (B)
Postbox 256
6200 AG Maastricht (NL)
Tel: +32 12 45 52 33
Fax: +32 12 45 68 84


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